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Malverne Fire Dept 100 year anniversary banners

June 26, 2011 Leave a comment

June was a busy month. We were asked to do all the banners for the Town of Malverne’s Fire Department for their 100th anniversary. This included pole banners and building banners for the fire department. The building banners are now on the Malverne Fire Department building located at 30 Broadway in Malverne and on many of the poles along Hempstead Ave, the main street in Malverne.


A New Blog

June 14, 2011 Leave a comment

In honor of Miss Allison Tray, at Tres Belle Spa in Brooklyn, we decided to create our own blog to share our work with you. Summer is the perfect time to start as it is our slow time (and our rates are much better when we are slow).

It has taken over a year to get our site up and running because we are completely swamped with new and existing clients. Our site may not reflect our most recent work but our blog will until we can get it up on our website.

Please check out our new site as we are shaking off the dust right now and putting the final touches on it.


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